Have you ever thought about why so many people struggle with their health? There are two main reasons: a lack of essential nutrition and dealing with a high toxic load in the body. After years of struggling with her health due to these reasons, Allie Isaac discovered a solution in two amazing ingredients called spirulina and chlorella: blue-green algae and green algae. Today, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality algae, packed with nutrients for your wellness journey.

Copia is a Canadian-based company with a clear mission: to empower individuals like you to elevate their health and live life to the fullest.

Our product, formerly known as TriPow Greens, was founded in 2013. TriPow was then acquired by Allie in 2018, and rebranded as Copia in 2023. Allie acquired the business because of her passion for detoxification and the power of spirulina and chlorella. Our goal is to offer a convenient and accessible way for you to access complete daily nutrition, so you can feel amazing, enhance your health, and prevent illness.

In today's world we face many toxins, pollutants, and threats against our health on a daily basis. Our aim is to help you stay in a healthy preventative state or respond to a critical condition by providing an abundance of life-giving, vital nutrients to support you. 

Our product is sourced from a small farm in Taiwan, world renowned for having the highest quality algae, and then blended and packaged with intention in Canada. Don't forget to check out our testimonials and Google reviews! These success stories serve as our inspiration to continuously deliver the finest product and service possible.